So why am I called The Faceless Blogger?

 The Faceless Blogger- weird name I know. I promise you all I am not trying to be mysterious or aloof, the concept is actually inspired by Sia and her wonderful wig wearing ways. (Moment of appreciation for those alliteration skills)

So I guess I should start from the beginning, back to the prepubescent me that had no idea what I wanted to do with my career (Update: still don’t). From being tiny tiny, I had always loved writing and I would frequently line up my care bear crew and ask them to critique my poems or short stories, to which I received unanimous praise. Other than being a Shakespeare prodigy, I have always been obsessed with clothes and fashion and now here I am starting a blog to encompass both of my favourite things, but why now? 

*Prepare the violins for my X Factor style sob story*

Back in school, I found it hard fitting in, not only because I’m extremely opinionated and feisty but mostly because of money. The school I went to was not anything particularly fancy but due to the area it was in, many of its occupants were a tad on the snobby side. So being the new kid was hard enough, trying to make friends when everyone has already found their clique and their place in the social hierarchy but what made it even harder was… dun dun dun – I was from a council estate.

Now I didn’t see a problem with being brought up in council house and felt quite chuffed that my mum had managed to raise me by myself but then came my first day of snob school. There I was, with my Primark pearls, dodgy fringe and my brand new Dorothy Perkins school bag. (This of course, in pure Year 7 style, was three times the size of me) Unfortunately I had made the catastrophic error of sporting a non-designer school bag, which meant I was immediately ostracised from being a part of the cool kid gang. *Wipes away tear*

The day continued as badly as it had begun with whisperings of my fashion faux-pas and even the likeliness of me stealing their belongings from the changing rooms because if you grew up in a council house, by default you are also a thief. *Cue the eye roll*  It’s safe to say, school was not my favourite place in the world and although there were good days- it wasn’t necessarily a place I felt that I could freely wear and say what I wanted to without judgement. Which mean’t frequently listening to Kelly Clarkson’s ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ on my trusty Ipod shuffle and eating my lunch in the loo like Lindsey Lohan on Mean Girls.

The problem with school is that everyone is so caught up with what other people think of them which makes it difficult to pluck up the courage to put yourself out there. There were many times throughout sixth form I would be sat with my laptop open, watching tutorials on how to start a blog and wishing I could be a part of the blogosphere.

So after all the sleepless nights of blog post ideas popping into my head or taunting myself by looking at snazzy themes, I finally made the decision to start a blog called ‘The Sassy Teapot’. (As I’m a sassy girl with a love for a hot beverages it made sense). So I took the first step, made the blog, bought the domain (which cost me 30 squid) and to this day I have never used it. So what’s wrong with me? Why do I have blog fright? The answer was: because I cannot stand pictures of myself. For years now I have dodged family photos, taken 50 selfies just to delete all of them and God bless the day Snapchat filters came into my life. No longer a substandard looking human; now a slightly handsome dog.

However… having a fashion and lifestyle blog with no pictures is like having a chocolate √©clair with no cream in the middle, it just does not work. So I retired yet again from blogging until finally I had my eureka moment. Ding! *Imagine light bulb over my head*

Picture the scene, it was a typical and quite chilly Tuesday evening and I was scrolling through Facey B, hoping to find some funny dog videos when I stumbled across Sia sat on the Ellen Degeneres Show revealing the reason behind her wig. Understandably, Sia wants to be able to walk down the street without being recognised and harassed by paparazzi (Cannot say Paparazzi without the Lady Gaga song getting stuck in my head). So by wearing wigs to cover her face, she gets to be a successful and wedged without all the cons of celebrity life. Then it hit me, if Sia can sell millions of records, inspire thousands and even perform live without showing her face to the world then why can’t little old me start a blog.

So here I am people- The Faceless Blogger. Don’t get me wrong, I may tease you with a bit of chin action or the odd trout pout but until I feel photogenic enough to face the world, I’m afraid that is all you are going to get.

The purpose of this post was not only to introduce myself but also to extend an olive branch to all the guys and girls out there who may also be in the same boat. If you have a passion for fashion and don’t have megabucks to spend that does not mean you cannot have a successful blog. It’s how you put an outfit together that matters not how much it cost or where you bought it from. Take the wise words of Coco Chanel “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening” You have to accept who you are and where you come from to be successful in life and that is a philosophy I wish younger me could of grasped sooner. Plus Alan Sugar is from a council estate and let’s be honest, he’s a rock star with a great taste in ties.

So to wrap it up, if you are reading this and you want to start a blog but you are worried about;

·         What your peers will think
·         Having to post pictures of yourself when you look like Shrek
·         Discussing sensitive subjects/past experiences
·         Sharing your personal views and opinions
·         All of the above because you over think everything (Guilty!)

Try and put all those worries and niggles into a little box at the back of your mind labelled ‘Who Cares’. Spread your wings and fly honey! Or if you decide to be a chicken like me and you still feel unready to expose yourself to the world then whack out your paper bag and join the club.


  1. Wow! This was a lovely post, and brings so many points of your life and experiences to a pinnacle. I guess "council house" is like living in "the projects" in the US. I'd imagine there's a lot of stigma around that, especially if you are going to a snob school. Here, you usually go to school near where you live, so if you lived in a less wealthy area, you'd be going to a school with mostly kids from that area, and if you lived in a wealthy area, most of the kids were wealthy. "Who Cares" is right. :) I like the "mystery" of this blog's theme!

    Hiro x

    1. This comment has made my day thank you. Yeah I guess it must be the same, I moved to the wealthy area hence why I went to a snobby school so even though I lived in a nice house in a village, the 'council house' stigma remained. Thank you so much for reading my blog- hope you are having a fab day xo