Why I Christmas shop in August

In reality, I shop for Christmas presents all year round as I see them but for me August is the green light month to really get my shop on. Mostly because I do not have any close relations with August babies so from August to December I have a clean run of no birthdays. February is sadly my hellish time, the majority of my family, friends and my boyfriend are born in Feb- I am an Aquarius magnet.

So come August, my bank account has recovered from the February madness and the birthdays are done and dusted- it’s time to Christmas shop. Why you ask? Wait for the genius to unravel.

So most people I discuss this with, exclaim I am particularly odd and there are several bah humbug comments. Now don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and I listen to Mariah Carey’s Christmas track all year round but this is purely startetegic.

All my life I have loved buying presents for people, well thought out personal gifts that I know is going to score me some brownie points therefore if I see something fitting, I buy it. As simple as that. To me, waiting til November/December to start finding things for people is ludracious when throughout the year you will come across pieces they will love. For example, my mum is obsessed with brussel sprouts. So obsessed with sprouts that when she was about 5, she actually shoplifted one from Tesco then felt too guilty and took it back.

So there I was last year, fighting my way through the ladies section of Next and on the bottom shelf I found it winking at me from the boxing day sale carnage -the brussel sprout advent calendar. Like pass the parcel the you peel back a layer to reveal some goodies- pretty exciting stuff. Now Christmas had just been, meaning I would have to wait another 11 months before I could even give this present but then I had to ask myself ‘What is the likelihood of finding another brussel sprout calendar reduced from 15 smackeroonies to £3?’. To cut a long story short, I purchased my vegetable bargain and now the long wait is over. December 2017 is finally here.

As much as buying people fabulous handpicked presents is extremely rewarding, let’s not forget about the wonga element. Come December, all my friends are flapping, my boyfriend’s bank account is crying for mercy and the slightly stingier family members point out I’m over 18 and therefore won’t be getting a present this year. Bloody rude.

Then there’s me, purchasing the last few little stocking fillers and swimming in all the dollar I don’t need to spend. (Lol jokes I’m still poor)  However you get the picture, Christmas shopping in August definitely has its pros, especially because the nearer you get to Christmas, the more expensive everything is.

However this year I have found another benefit to me being freakishly organised as I was made redundant at the start of November. Understandably I started freaking out about how I’m going to pay my bills, my car insurance and the gym membership I don’t make  enough use of but one worry I didn’t have was Christmas presents. No time of the year is a great time to lose your job but November is particularly shitty but when I looked into the storage boxes under my bed,I realised all my families and friends presents were already in the bag. *Stop typing to give myself pat on the back*. The only person I had left to buy for was my extremely fussy and indecisive boyfriend that describes any non-grey item as ‘rare’. Urgh boys.

 Working in retail has also been a HUGE eye opener at why last minute shopping is a no go, the amount of customers that I have been covered in sweat from crowd combat, lack of parking and parcels that haven’t arrived in time for Christmas. Forget that! For me, December is all about reserving my energy for the boxing day sales, which means sitting by a cosy fire with a big fat chardonnay.

To a lot of people, Christmas shopping so far in advance seems a little cray but this year, it really saved my bacon. Life is too short for crappy Christmas presents so if you see something you know someone close to you will really love, forget about the time of year and buy it, especially if it’s a bargain.

Present Update: As a non-chocolate lover (I know WTF) my Mother is extremely happy with her stationary advent. Have to admit I wouldn’t say no to some pens and cute bulldog clips especially when the majority of advent chocolate is rank.  All in all, three pounds well spent.


  1. This is such a good idea. I am always panicking about what to get people in November/December time, and half the time everything’s either sold out or I just can’t find anything haha! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! xx

    1. Thank you Sophie, glad you see the method in the madness! I've already started stocking up for next year's Christmas presents! Get yourself in those sales xx