Finding The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Now I may be speaking alone here but if any of you reading this also have a hoarder draw of denim then you will understand this.

I love doing clear outs, I find it therapeutic and I am an organisation addict. However every time I open my jean draw, I can never will myself to throw them away. Every time I’m about to put a pair into the Depop pile, I panic because what if next week I go out for cocktails with the girls and this pair is the only pair that will look good with my new top. THE HORROR.

The reality is however, that this particular pair of skinny jeans has not left the draw for over a year so they need to go. As jeans are not normally the cheapest purchase, I cling on to them like I’m Gollum’s second cousin. Even if I haven’t worn them in years, they have faded to grey and I don’t even particularly like them- they suddenly become ‘my precious’.

So, getting back to the point- I was on the search for my perfect pair of jeans. Now I work in Topshop so this may seem bias but for me Topshop jeans have everything I’m looking for. Having extremely long legs and a distinct lack of waist and hips can prove extremely difficult when looking for jeans. (Don’t even get me started on Zara jeans, I am yet to find a pair that fit). If I do find any cheaper alternatives with Topshop’s huge variety of sizes on my travels, I’ll update you all.

I’m not sure what other people have experienced but I have always been able to find the perfect fit with Topshop jeans because they are not sized in the generic 6,8,10 but instead in waist size and leg length. (Like men’s jeans). For me Waist 26 and Leg 30 works a treat. I have crazily long legs for a short person so I’m actually leg 32 but I prefer to have a bit of ankle mid drift out. If like me you like to be a tease and have a flash of ankle, I either buy jeans that are a leg length shorter or look for the jeans that have ‘ankle grazer’ written on the label.

Finding the style of jean however is a whole new ball game but luckily because Topshop brand the style by male names- it makes it a little easier to remember your style preference. My all time favourites at the moment are ‘Crop’ and ‘Dree’. (Orson is pretty funky as well though). Over the years I have tried the odd Lucas, Sidney and Hayden but at the moment I’m obsessed with the denim culotte look- tight on the bum but wide on the leg. This style also works perfectly paired with a chunky boot which is one of the many reasons they have become my everyday jeans and my skinnys have been neglected and sent to the dusty denim draw.

Now if I was writing this a year ago, gosh would it look different. I have lived in skinny jeans since the dawn of time but I have always been slightly unhappy with the way they look and I couldn’t figure out why. Now every nineties/noughties girl has gone through the Joni stage, I have, my peers have and I think even my mum has some. If you heard wind of a disco coming up or better yet a house party, the first thing you purchased were black high waisted Joni jeans, come on tell me I’m wrong. They were the shit! (Until you washed them and they turned grey).

Despite buying them in the truck loads, I would see myself in pictures afterwards and it made me feel awful about myself. I would like so unbelievably thin and gaunt looking and despite being just over 5ft, it looked like I had 7ft legs. People at school would make comments about me looking anorexic and it made me crave a curvier look, which is pretty difficult when you have the hip structure of a 12 year old boy.

Despite skinny jeans taking a back seat in my life, I must say that once you go Jamie, you won’t go Joni. For my petite frame, Jamie jeans are the best skinny jeans that Topshop offer although. Jamie’s look more like your everyday jean, they compliment the booty and for non-curvy girls like me- they give the illusion of womanly hips. It’s a win, win. If you are going out and want a ‘jeans and a nice top’ vibe then Jamie’s are my go to, sorry Joni’s you’re fired. As well as making me look like slenderman, Joni jeans are also famous for fading in the wash so here are some tips and tricks on how to keep your black Topshop jeans black.

50 Shades of “I don’t want grey jeans” Tips
-Wash them bad boys inside out
-Tumble dry makes them tumble die.
-Mans too hot- wash them on 30 degrees.
-Fabric conditioner is a no go my friend.
-Wash them every 7 wears. Even the flares.

Peace out and may your jeans forever may your but look luscious.

P.s If you have any denim disasters then feel free to message me, I'm currently a denim specialist at Topshop (Although I prefer the job title: Jean Queen) so hopefully I can offer some wisdom.

Red Sock Boots- Topshop
White (cosy as fuck) jumper- Urban Outfitters
Black Kitten Heels- Dorothy Perkins
Mid Blue Cropped Wide Leg jeans- Topshop (Of Course)
Postbox- County Council

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