Top Tips for Paris

Top Tips for Paris

Warning: Approach this blog post with caution as I am in no way a Parisian expert and I am in many ways a female version of Karl Pilkington. However I have now been to Paris three times which surely makes me at least semi pro, so here are some little tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Pancake/ Crêpe
Everyone man and his dog loves a good crepe and you will find them virtually everywhere in Paris however the prices can be ridic so make sure you shop around. In some of the more touristy spots or in cafes especially if you want to sit down and have a coffee and a crepe, you can be paying up to 20 euros for a sugary pancake. Therefore make sure you don’t just go for the first place you see, even the stands near the Eiffel tower sell crepes for as little as 3 euros. For my old faithful sugar and lemon, the most I paid was €3.50 so be stingy with your crepe coins. Here’s a phrase that I used A LOT.

Puis-je avoir une crêpe avec du citron et du sucre s'il vous plait ‘

(Side note: Is it just me or when you learn languages at school, you are taught the most useless phrases that would not be used in the majority of social situations. Despite having an A in French, the only thing I could confidently tell a French person is that I like to go to the swimming pool.  So I will try and whack some useful phrases in here. )

There is so much walking in Paris which means keeping hydrated is key but water can be 3 or 4 euros and more exotic drinks can be even more. So in the airport (UK) I bought a bottle of water and a bottle of coke from WH Smith, then when we got to the apartment I refilled the water and popped it in the fridge. I then bought a big bottle of coke from the supermarket for 2 euros and used to this to keep topping up the coke. Each morning I would pack my beverages in my bag and this would keep me going for the day and made me feel less guilty about buying a big fat tea when I was out and about. Free H20 is definitely the way to go as it meant having more money in the pot for fancy French food.


Franprix’s in particulars are everywhere, the shops do shut quite early in France so the majority of the super markets are closed by 8pm however we did find one Franprix open till 10pm. If you don’t want to eat out every night or you want to get some bits for a picnic, the baguettes are a dream and who doesn’t love a bit of cheddar. Also thoroughly recommend looking out for some Pesto crisps, only a few of the shops had them but bloody hell- they were a dream.

Underground Hell/Metro

A single ticket on the Metro is 1.90 and can get you most places but rather than binning, I kept them all in my purse. Throughout our trip, we kept reusing some of the tickets, sometimes they wouldn’t work and we would have to buy another ticket but the majority of the time- we used the same tickets multiple times. A freebie goes a long way. (Especially when the Metro stinks of piss and
every now and again an impatient commuter tries to push you on the track).

Now I have the worst direction ever and it did take me over three hours to successfully locate our apartment however I found the Metro quite straight forward. The general layout is similar to how the London underground works but rather than having ‘The Central line’ or the ‘Victoria line’ the metro is sorted into letters and numbers. So if you put in your destination on google maps and select the train option, it will tell you to follow the M5 on the Metro and get off at blah blah or follow the M2 and stay on for two stops etc.

Carry some spare change
 Even a wee isn’t free in Paris, yeah you heard right guys and gals.
-Shopping centres
-Restaurants and cafes
-Train stations
-McDonalds (That one shocked me to my core)
When your best friend has a chihuahua's bladder, you become very familiar with restrooms in general but every place other than the airport and our apartment, charged for a waz. Don’t get me wrong, it would never be more than an euro but if you haven’t got any change on you, you could end up wetting your knickers. Which is not ideal if you are trying to find yourself a hot French guy.

Bag Essentials
  • Plasters (There is a lot of walking involved and blisters will occur)
  • Comfy Shoes (If you would rather not have the above and you enjoy sensible footwear thats probably the best way to go)
  • Carrier bags (Because I kept forgetting how to ask for one in French)
  • Definitely a bottle of water, got to get dat Aqua.
  • Dollar (But I would advise not taking out all of your money every day, as there is a lot of pick pocketing in Paris and plus it helps you budget).
  • Selfie stick is always helpful for the sights, especially the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.
  • Pain au chocolat (Nice little snack for when you are mooching and a pack of 8 costs under 2 euros from the supermarket but in boulangeries they can be pricey)
In terms of actual bags, rucksacks are the most useful but you have to be extra careful because there is a lot of pick pocketing in busy side streets and tourist areas. My friend has a rucksack and I had a bum bag for the majority of the trip, you can’t get a lot in a bumbag but it is probably the safest way to carry your money and phone around Paris. Mine was a little black leather one from Topshop and it was a god send. 

Other than the crazy motorists that make me thankful for The Highway Code and the insane prices when it comes to beverages and needing the loo- it’s one of the best cities you will go to. The food is on another level and the bread is the shit. It is a crime if you go there and don’t feast on some bad ass bread and cheese. The guys and gals there look like coffee drinking gods, it’s like a city of Dua Lipa’s so there’s definitely a lot to look at. The city is so beautiful and vibrant and I will definitely be going back a fourth time. Au revoir biatches.

Outfit Details
Beret- Market in Montemarte
T-Shirt- Never Fully Dressed
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Pull and Bear