The Return of Leopard Print

Leopard print is back with a vengeance and I am living for it. 

2018 really has been a rollercoaster for Brits with the heatwave, the World Cup almost coming home (ouch) and now all of us are walking round looking like Cat Slater. What a time to be alive.

Now as much as I’ve always loved leopard print, there is a very fine line between it looking banging or just pure cheap and trashy. In a bid to not look like a trendy hooker, I’ve always stuck to feline accessories rather than statement pieces like belts and bags. However now is the time for change.

I’ve been on a quest to find the purr-fect (lol I hate myself) midi leopard print skirt and I stumbled across Realisation par’s spotty number aka ‘The Naomi’. The right length, a nice spot to background ratio and it worked perfectly with a white t-shirt. I soon fell out of love with when I found it was $180 (£137) plus shipping- my heart said yes but my Nationwide flex account was not having it. However there is good news people, Depop has some snazzy dupes starting from £15 so I’ve bagged myself one of these bad boys and it’s spot on.

Obviously the quality is not as good but the overall design is pretty much identical, the one I’ve bought has an elasticated waist which I thought was because it had been made on the cheap but it turns out the Naomi one has the same. Which is a bit stingy, you’d hope for that much that would at least throw in some buttons or a sturdy zip. However if you are a serial snacker like me, that elasticated waist does wonders after a three course meal- there is room for bloating people. Order big, it's a go hard or go home opportunity. So if you want some leopard goodness in your life without breaking the bank then I would heavily suggest getting up in Depop’s grill. 

(Just incase you have never used Depop / never heard of it- it’s an app thats really easy to use where you can buy and sell your old clothes etc. In simpler terms, its basically millennial eBay) 

On my travels I also come across a dress from Zara, its advertised as midi but because I’m a short arse its more of a maxi situation. I’m not really a dress sort of person so I was sceptical but after playing around with some boxy t-shirts and jumpers, I discovered it works well as a dress or as a skirt when you layer up. It is £40 which is a bit steep for a dress but I would fully recommend because the print is orgasmic. 

If you are more an accessory kind of gal, Topshop have got some great pieces at the minute. I’ve gone a bit crazy cat lady in the last few weeks and bagged a headscarf, belt, bag and some sandals. I’ll pop all the links below for you so you can have a goosey gander. My go to outfit at the moment is a white vest, black wide leg jeans, trainers and then a fuck ton of leopard print accessories to jazz it up a bit. 

If you also have the overwhelming urge to dress like the fifth member of the cheetah girls , I’ve put some links below to my leopard/cheetah print must haves. 

T-shirt- Topshop
Bag- Topshop
Skirt- Dupe from Depop
Shoes- Adidas


Realisation Par


Urban Outfitters